Reopening at Beyond the Walls Community CHURCH

As we prepare to regather as a family for worship services, we want you to be informed,
prepared, and comfortable. Below you will find information about registration, what to expect
when you arrive, our safety measures and a frequently asked question section. Please take time
to look over this page. We can’t wait to see you March 28th.

Registration will be required for all weekend services. Registration for our March 28th and later services will open on.

Our goal is to make Beyond the Walls Community Church one of the safest places in our area. Below are some
of the measures we are taking to make your experience safe and enjoyable.
Masks are to be worn at all
times while on TC’s campus
All seating in the auditorium
will follow social distancing guidelines
The auditorium will be
operating at 40% capacity
Everyone who enters the
building will be temperature checked
We will be offering digital worship guides
and have updated our restrooms to a touch-free experience
All people who attend a weekend
worship service will be required to register.
Question: I’m not comfortable returning to church yet. Will online services continue to be offered?
Answer: Yes! We encourage you to join us online until you feel comfortable attending in person. Our Beyond The Walls Community Church weekend service will continue to be streamed at live via, Facebook  and YouTube. Both links are provided below.
Question: Will restrooms be open?
Answer: Yes, all restrooms will be open and will undergo routine cleaning between services.
Question: How is BTWCC cleaning its facilities?
Answer: We will be disinfecting all seats in the auditorium as well as cleaning all doors, handrails, and common areas between each service. Additionally, hand sanitizer stations will be located throughout the building.
Question: Can I come to the church building during the week?
Answer: Our building will remain closed during the week. Only key staff personnel will be allowed access the the church building to perform cleaning services and A/V services.
Question: How can I continue my giving?
Answer: During this time, we are encouraging digital or mail-in tithing. The 3 ways you can give are:
1.) Website:
2.) Text-To-Give:
Beyond the Walls Community Church
P.O. Box 891678
Temecula, CA 92589
Question: Are masks required?
Answer: Everyone who enters the building will be required to wear a mask. You are required to leave your mask on at all times while you are in the building. If you are unable or unwilling to where a mask, we ask that you stay home and enjoy our services online to minimize COVID-19 spread.
Question: Will BTWCC be limiting capacity of their buildings?
Answer: Yes. Based on guidelines at the current time we will be limiting the capacity to 40%. We have been and will continue to closely monitor local, state and federal guidelines to help us determine safe practices and adhere to social distancing requirements.
Question: Should I let someone know if I discover I had COVID-19 while attending a service?
Answer: Yes. We will be contact tracing everyone who serves and attends our services. If you believe you had COVID-19 while attending a service, please email Your privacy will be protected, but we will let people who you may have been in close contact with aware of the situation.
Question: Will certain doors be marked for exit and entrance only?
Answer: Yes, entrances and exits will be marked to enable the proper flow of traffic.
Question: Will there be refreshments?
Answer: Unfortunately, we will not be serving refreshments at this time. We also ask that no food or beverages be brought into the building. We are asking that everyone keep their mask on at all times. Please hydrate/caffeinate before arriving.
Question: Do I have to register?
Answer: Yes. in order to manage capacity as well as allow for contact tracing we are asking everyone to register. Registration will go live each week the Monday prior to the Sunday service. If you want to attend in building church services, please complete the Church Service Registration form with the link provided here: